Located on green slopes of the hills, “Le Mandolare” Farm is in an enchanting position: from here you will enjoy a spectacular view of the plain, and entices you to take a trip into the very heart of the Berici Hills.

Here, among pleasant fields and woods, you will enter one of the most characteristic part of the Berica area: the countryside is suggestive during every season, and you can get in contact with the most vivacious and flourishing scenes of our land.

The Farmhouse Le Mandolare is now on Trivago

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See on Scoop.itNovità ed eventi dall’Agriturismo Le Mandolare

al panorama, che cambia di volta in volta…. 

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FarmHouse Le Mandolare |Facebook Page

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Various sections of the website has been updated

See on Scoop.itNovità ed eventi dall’Agriturismo Le Mandolare

find out what’s new on our site!

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New activities for your free time

Activities byBerici Life&Sport, by Cristina Cichellero:


Beautiful walks with experts who will accompany you to discover amazing historical sites surrounded by unspoilt nature.


Fantastic walk, step by step along varied routes in peace with the possibility to see some wildlife.


On the trails you can walk in nature accompanied by the flight of the hawk and close to the wonderful world of birds of prey.


Discover natural cliffs with mountain guides who will accompany to climb safely in fascinating and unique.


Villages, paths, mule tracks, old quarries to get pedaling, accompanied by experienced and technically prepared to meet many mysterious places and details that the Berici guard.


Experience the world of the sky and appreciate the vastness of the territory through the sport accessible to anyone doing a tandem, safely accompanied by  titrated pilots and their equipment.


You can take hours of practice of yoga and pilates, but also bodymind water aerobics and many other disciplines that we invite you to discover … For any information on these activities, please contact Cristina at 347/4932002 or visit Berici Life&Sport

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For your health

New: every Thursday from 16:45 until 17:45 hours you can attend a water aerobics class or in holistic disciplines, including yoga, pilates and soft gymnastics, edited by Cristina Cichellero of BERICI LIFE & SPORTS.

The service must be booked on arrival.

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Per un veneto più biologico



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(Italiano) Parlano di noi…

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The new site is online!

Explore our new site, play with the pictures and send us your feedbacks!

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