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The farm “Le Mandolare” is located in Mandolare Street, precisely in this area were, at one time, many almond trees, cultivated by the old owners to sell their almonds in early autumn. Now remained thirty plants that bloom during the spring, however, offer a splendid view of how the land was to be in the last century.

The company covers the side of a hill Berici terminal, about 200 meters above sea level, covered for 22 acres of woods, meadows, vineyards and olive groves. From here you can enjoy a splendid view, in clear days, allowing the horizon to see the profile of the early Apennines.

The “Colli Berici “Area

The company is located in an area full of opportunities: those who love contact with nature will be entranced by the tranquility and beauty of the place and will be able to choose from the many nature trails of which the surrounding area is rich.

You will meet beautiful and fascinating places, with an undeniable artistic, historical and scenic value: the closest are the hermitage of San Donato, the Fountain of Curii, the Cave of San Bernardino, the Church and Convent of San Pancrazio, in the homonymous fraction of Barbarano Vicentino.

How to reach Le Mandolare

From the A4 Highway, just after Vicenza Est gate, take the highway A31 southbound and exit at Albettone-Barbarano. Continue Vicenza-Barbarano and after 1 km, at the roundabout that intersects SP 247 “Riviera Berica”, go straight to Sossano for about 700 meters, then turn left onto the SP8, to Sossano. At the next roundabout turn right into Via Dante and continue on Via Giuseppe Verdi. Cross the center of Villaga, follow the road uphill and the junction with Via Castello, turn left and follow Via Pigiavento and continue for about 2 km: the entrance is on the left of the company, including a double row of cypresses.

From the A13 Highway: take the Monselice gate at the exit, turn right and follow the signs for Este. Here follow the signs for Noventa Vicentina. Reached S.P.247 Riviera Berica continue towards Vicenza for about 12 km. 50 meters after the intersection to the right with the SP8 (at the Caseificio Sociale) turn left onto the SP8, towards Sossano-Orgiano-Lonigo. After about 1 km, at the roundabout take the first road to the right, towards Villaga. Drive along Via Dante, after about 1 km turn right into Via Fornace, after 20 meters turn left in Via Giuseppe Verdi. Reached the center of Villaga, follow the road uphill and at the junction with Via Castello, turn left into Via pigiavento and continue for approximately 2 Km: the entrance of the company is on the left, between a double row of cypresses.

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