La nostra Azienda

Most of the 22 hectares of land is covered by forests but were made of terraced vineyards and olive grove olive grove is composed of about 600 old olive trees, even hundreds years aged olive trees and 200 recently planted. The quality of olive tree are for the most part FRANTOIO, LECCINO, “RASARA”, GRIGNANO, but is also present PENDULUM, CORATINA and “PERTEGARO”. At the edge of the property are also a dozen plants of table olives, planted by the former owners as they are the first to be attacked by insects and thus served as a signal to start the treatments.

The whole farm is under organic farming since 1996, therefore, as we know, from that date are no longer used pesticides or harmful substances for the treatment of olive trees and vines: it takes only products allowed by the control that periodically inspects and samples both on the ground makes the finished product. Even the grass cutting is done by mechanical means and not with chemical herbicides. The olives are picked by the owners with some staff and delivered in person at a mill certificate for the organic cold-pressed. The process of decanting and bottling the oil is the final result step by step by the owners.

The vineyard is composed of ten-year old trees and recently planted vineyards. The cultivation of the vineyard follows the discipline of the biological system and is managed by the owners through to the grape harvest. After the grapes are delivered to a business of trust that follows the part of wine making according to the instructions of the owners.

Our production

The company produces and sells extra-virgin olive oil from certified organic production and organic grapes but also extra fruit jams and jellies.

Olio Extravergine D'Oliva Le Mandolare

The extra virgin organic olive oil is sold in the following ways:

  • Glass bottle, lt.0.5:
  • per Kg, bulk

The Conformity Certificate of Organic Product according to Reg. CE 834/07 and CE 889/08 is viewable and downloadble at the ICEA companies and products search-page.

Prizes: Extra Gold Medal and 1st Veneto Biol Biol 2014, the 19th International Exhibition of producers of extra virgin organic olive


Our Carisio organic white wine:

Our extra fruit jams and jellies

The jams are produced by the owners, with the fruit harvest season in the company, and then in limited quantities and types vary according to the season. Jams and jellies have varying prices depending on the type and sizes: on request we can prepare gift boxes that include other local products.

  • Extra Jam, 300 gr jar  (caki and apples with oranges, plums with cinnamon, plums with ginger, strawberries, apricots)
  • Extra Jam, 200 gr jar  (pomegranate and apple rum,plums, cherries):
  • Jelly, gr 300 (strawberry grape)
  • Jelly, gr 200 (pomegranate rum and almond, strawberry grape)

If you want to go home with a tasty remembrance of our hospitality, we sell the best of our natural production.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit us, you can still contact us to arrange for you the delivery of our products.

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